Haizhu Branch of Osotto
Baiyun Branch of Osotto

Foshan Branch of Osotto
Guangzhou Osotto Recreation Hotel Management Limited (the ORM) is the company which focuses on the operation and management of chained recreation hotels, providing the full professional service: including selecting location, financing, programming and designing, training, merging and reorganization and management.

At the present, ORM owns the following chained recreation hotels: Guangdong Nanmei Osotto Hotel (Baiyun Branch), Nanmei Osotto Hotel (Haizhu Branch) and Nanmei Osotto Hotel (Foshan Branch). During the next five years, it will gradually develop fifty large chained recreation hotels according to the schedule and endeavor to become the first brand of the recreation hotel in China and the leading enterprise of the recreation industry.

The series of chained hotels under the management of ORM have all been decorated according to standards of four-star hotels. The hotels will provide one-station service to satisfy recreation and business requirements of individuals and companies, including health care (massage, foot care, paring off, pedicure, cleaning ear, and cupping), sauna bathing (various bathing, water care, dry braising, wet braising and back massage), restaurant (buffet, tea bar, coffee bar, and free beverage), entertainment and recreation (net surfing, playing game, hair dressing, playing cards and chess, cinema, table tennis, and gymnasium), sleeping (resting hall, resting hall without smoke, sleeping zone for male and female guests, and space capsule), guest room (standard room, luxury room, business room, VIP room) and conference (conference room).

Our operation rules are: providing the healthy recreation for the customers and the opportunity for the employees, creating the third space for the customers to relax besides the office and home, and make the customers enjoy the life. At the same time, the company will also present the stage for creation of self-value.

In the Nanmei Osotto, each employee will endeavor to serve the customers. Come to Nanmei Osotto and enjoy the wonderful time!